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animal cruelty?

amusingly funny, if kinda cruel?

something you would do in a heartbeat?...for scientific, seeing if cats get dizzy or if they like having scrunchies around their necks?

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whether id consider this cruel depends on something- is the cat like, stuck where she is, or can she jump off if she wanted to? i think the scrunchie around the neck is cruel because, assuming it is an elastic scrunchie her breathing may be restricted (remember cats are much smaller than humans) not to mention pressure on the throat are can induce a gag reflex, which is not comfortable. if i saw a cartoon of a cat sitting on a spinning record player, i probably would laugh, but because it is a real cat, i feel bad for her. (i am extremely sensitive when it comes to animals though, i've been known to cry over birds and squirrels that my cat has caught) i dont know if id necessarily classify this as animal cruelty, but i dont think it is very nice.
she doesn't seem to be attached to it. i think her foot kinda slips while she's moving away from us (oh, i assume every cat is a girl)

the scrunchie is one of the ghetto fluffy ones, those are never that tight. (a girl in 6th grade got one around her thigh)so i wouldn't think it's strangling her.

i'm torn, it doesn't seem that cruel. i think declawing is worse.
i agree, declawing is horrible in my opinion, i mean its equivalent to tearing out our fingernails.
she doesnt appear to be uncomfortable (all cats are girls to me too) although she may be a bit frightened. personally, i wouldnt do that to a cat, but i wouldnt consider a person who did to be cruel.
eh, amusing but not to a point where the cat becomes sick or appears to be in great pain or suffering of some sort. Hell, we humans spin on things like that at the playground!
I wouldn't call it cruelty. I've seen animal cruelty first hand. I won't go into detail about it, but let's just say that while I wouldn't put a cat on a turntable- just not something I'd care for myself- I'd have trouble taking someone seriously who called that cruelty.

I can't speak about the scrunchy. Don't know how tight it is, what it's made of, or if the cat resisted or tried to get it off.
This is amusing