Champagne Girl In A Soda Pop World (champagnegirl) wrote in purgemyheart,
Champagne Girl In A Soda Pop World

OMG. Tristan is home after being snowed in in the middle of no where which his drug dealing cousin and a week, well 4 days of Moi being a nervous wreck. I don't even have words to begin to say how utterly stressed I've been over it.

My period barily started. I've been sick everyday (no I'm not ;) ). I've just been so stressed. I really thought things would fall apart but he's in bed asleep and I'm not sure if I want to cry, or laugh just from the relief. Loving someone with an addiction is scary. And I'm just glad he is ok. I also wish I didn't need him so very much, I'm sure THAT isn't healthy but I'm fascinated with him and he fills so much of my obsessions. :-p
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