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purgemyheart's Journal

Purge This Empty Heart
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This community is by invitation has closed membership.

A great mind talks about ideas. An average mind talks about events. A simple mind talks about people. ~ Unknown Thanks to connipshit_orgy for providing the exact quote!! ^_^

This community is maintained by starsnhereyes rainshinet, frigid_crimson, bound_up_doll, joshuaorrizonte


The Layout is the art, design, and work of dust_cake_boy ! You rock :)

*Love* is Love. It's HOW you love, not WHO

Is Your Heart Beautiful? Because I think god is blind and I know Love is.


This is a community that functions as a friends only multi-user/shared journal.

Members can post memes, rants, raves, ask for advice, etc. in a community which is as private as possible.

There are no rules. If you are accepted here, we respect you enough to monitor yourself!! <333